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Bpacks launches the world's first bark packaging technology to replace
petroleum-based rigid plastics

The immortal enemy: How plastic is destroying our planet

Single-use plastic food packaging is a major contributor to the global waste problem. Humans produce over 350 million metric tons of plastic waste annually

Ocean Pollution

Millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, endangering marine life and ecosystems

Threat to Wildlife

Animals suffer due to the excess of plastic waste in their habitats, which also poisons their food chains

Soil Contamination

Ineffective plastic waste management leads to soil pollution and fertility loss

Health Hazard

Plastic contains toxic substances that can contaminate food and water, posing a threat to human health


mln tons

plastic waste produced annually


every 10 years

plastic pollution will only continue to increase


of all plastic is recycled

Transitioning to biodegradable materials is imperative to protect our planet

Innovative Product and Unique Technology: Our Contribution to the Future

We are pioneering the use of bark in production packaging.

Bark will be purchased mainly from the timber industry, for which bark is a by-product.

up to


of by-products and various production used in our formula:

Forest industry


Used coffee grounds

Expansive Market, Expansive Growth Potential

Addressing a market with high growth potential

Companies are embracing sustainable materials

Manufacturers are shifting from traditional packaging solutions to eco-friendly and biodegradable ones

As a species, we have an urgent need to reduce our levels of pollution and waste

TAM – Food packaging products
CAGR of 5.5%





SAM – Rigid packaging (Cups, food containers & trays)
CAGR of 4%





SOM – Biodegradable cups, food containers & trays
CAGR of 19%





A Revolutionizing Solution to Our Waste Problem

At Bpacks, we’re dedicated to tackling several pressing issues faced by major industries. Our solution addresses:

Challenges with recycling

Biodegradable plastics often end up in landfills, or incinerated due to limited recycling facilities. This not only harms the environment but also creates additional financial pressures. 

Expensive waste disposal

Industries like timber and agriculture bear additional costs for disposing of by-products of wood such as bark, while food service companies struggle with daily waste management expenses, which can amount to a significant portion of their turnover. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging: An Innovative and Sustainable Solution

Our innovative biodegradable packaging, derived from agricultural and wood waste, offers a sustainable alternative, since it can be fully composted without generating toxic residues. Furthermore, it is considerably more cost-effective than other traditional options.

Streamlining Sustainability: A Collaborative Approach for a Greener Future

Creating partnerships for a circular economy


Mikhail Skalkin

Founder & CEO

Lev Bolshakov

Finance & Operations

Nikolay Semenov

PhD, R&D

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